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Advancing Human Services... Together

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CLARIFY your current state, ENVISION your future reality and IMPLEMENT the right solutions to advance your mission.

Our Mission

Clarity Solutions Group exists to improve the quality of service delivery and outcome achievement within the public human service system. 

Our work is driven by three core principles:

  • The Public Human Service System is both INCREDIBLY CRITICAL and HIGHLY COMPLEX.  Essential services are provided to millions, yet often in disparate manners and through multiple access points.

  • In our quest to improve and integrate services, TECHNOLOGY is the EASY part of the equation.  The limiting factors consist of knowledge of what is possible, and vision to design the solutions our residents need.

  • In most cases, there is NO SINGLE RIGHT SOLUTION.  Each situation is unique and is influenced by factors such as technology, process, budget, timeframe, community, and policy.


Bridging the Gap

Clarity Solutions Group lives at the intersection of technology and human services.  We seek to bridge the gap between the two by clarifying the business challenge you are attempting to solve, defining a vision of your desired state, laying out the roadmap, and working alongside you to reach the destination.

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What Do We Do?

Clarity Solutions Group functions as an Owner’s Representative, engaged, and representing your interests throughout the entire project lifecycle, from problem statement to desired state implementation.  


As an Owner’s Rep we collaboratively advance our clients’ missions, guiding you to the best outcomes within your budget through a unique blend of expertise, experience, and skills including:


Current State


We believe that as Charles Kettering said, “a problem well-defined is half-solved.”  Our first step in every engagement is to help clarify your current situation through data analysis, process-mapping and listening sessions.

Business Brainstorming

Future State


Considering the perspectives of clients, staff, and partners, we work with you to envision your desired future-state.  Our knowledge of both technology and program policy brings many creative options to the table.

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Every situation is different.  We help you develop a Transformation Roadmap to prioritize initiatives, define functional requirements, and determine the best solution/s to meet your goals... all while maximizing the value of your budget.

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With defined requirements, Clarity Solutions Group can support your procurement throughout the writing, evaluation, award, and contract negotiation processes.  We can even assist with funding strategies if needed.


Implementation and Vendor Oversight

To ensure the successful implementation of your strategic solutions, we provide the necessary Mission-Critical Project & Program Management.  For Agile deployments, we can fulfill the role of Product Owner, representing your interests and desires.

Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management

Understanding that transformation involves much more than technology deployments, we also work with you to address "people needs," such as business process optimization, job functions, training, and ongoing communication.


What Programs & Policies Are We Experienced With?

  • Medicaid

  • SNAP

  • TANF

  • Publicly Funded Child-Care

  • Child Support

  • Child Welfare

  • Mental Health and Addiction Services

  • Public Health

  • Workforce Development

  • HEAP

  • WIC

  • Aging

  • Refugee and Immigrant Services

  • Non-Emergency Transportation (NET

Transactional to Transformational 

Most of the resources in our Human Service programs are geared toward eligibility determination and the continued provision of safety-net benefits to those eligible.  


Clarity Solutions Group believes that eligibility should be the starting line, not the finish line, for the families we serve.


Learn how the right blend of technology solutions and business process improvements can help you shift more time, effort and resources from transactional to transformational efforts that will move families and communities forward. 


What Are We Good At?

Clarity Solutions Group can support and guide your transformational efforts across a variety of domains.  We are uniquely experienced and qualified in these important practice areas: 

talking on phones

Consumer Engagement Technologies

A “one size fits all” approach does not work for today’s diverse clientele.  It’s important to balance traditional “brick and mortar” operations with digital offerings such as omni-channel contact centers, IVRs, web portals, and mobile apps.

Colleagues Going Over Plans

Performance and Data Management Solutions

Data in our HHS programs is often difficult to obtain and even more challenging to make sense of.  Interactive, timely and actionable data analytics can help you understand, transform, and manage at all levels of your organization.


Document Management & Workflow Solutions

Verifications, documents, and tasks are a mixture of paper and digital elements and can come from a variety of sources.  A robust solution to efficiently capture, categorize, and complete the associated work is essential in today’s HHS program operations. 

Image by Domenico Loia

Remote Work Capabilities 

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the way that work is done, and the HHS sector is no exception.  Moving forward, a structured and standardized environment for remote work will be crucial for maintaining a talented and dedicated front-line workforce.  

Business Process Optimization

Business Process Optimization

New technology is not always the only, or best solution to your challenges.  In many cases, the issue may be that the underlying business processes driving our work are in need of improvement or redesign. 

Working from Home

Integrated Eligibility Systems

Eligibility determination will always be a critical component for HHS programs.  Ongoing system modernization efforts provide the opportunity to align eligibility policies and processes across multiple programs. 

Virtual Integration

While projects in any of these categories are important, single systems no longer account for the holistic experience of consumers or front-line workers. Instead, the key to transformation lies in the integration of technologies, processes and programs.  

At Clarity Solutions Group, we like to talk about this as “Virtual Integration,” which can include:

  • Vertical integration across multiple technology stacks (e.g. Integrated Eligibility, Document Management, and Contact Centers)

  • Horizontal integration across multiple agencies and programs (e.g. SNAP, WIC, HEAP)

Virtual Integration

Let’s talk about how we can work together to provide a person and family-centered approach to public benefits and service delivery


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Clarity Solutions Group is based in Columbus, Ohio and serves clients across North America |  Tel: 330.465.1977

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