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The Clarity Experience


Building on the leadership of a handful of pioneer counties, a statewide, enterprise contact center was set up, designed to blend standardization and local service delivery in Ohio.  Coordinating with the statewide Integrated Eligibility project, a Shared Services model was implemented to support eligibility administration of Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, and Child Care.


Today, almost 80 local Depts. of Job and Family Services are using the enterprise contact center and case processing platform to serve over 3 million clients, making this a replicable model for other County Administered States.  Thanks to this platform, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic counties were able to immediately transition to remote work with minimal disruption to client services. 

Ohio County Depts. of Job and Family Services

Solution Components: 

  • Statewide Toll-Free Number 

  • Personalized IVR for clients across the State  

  • Virtualized Contact Centers shared across the county ecosystem 

  • Audio Signature Capture for real-time eligibility processing 

  • Outbound Campaigns for Proactive Reminders and Nudges 

  • Integration with statewide Electronic Document Management (EDMS)  

  • Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI) for “Screen Pops” to agents 

  • Robust Workforce and Quality Management tools 

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Erie County Department of Social Services (DSS) administers public assistance programs to the residents of Erie County, NY. They were facing challenges with their scheduled, outbound SNAP interview process and desired to shift to an on-demand, inbound call model to ensure that more SNAP participants successfully completed their application and reapplication interviews.


With the new solutions in place, Erie County DSS was able to standardize the interview guide for SNAP, integrate it with their existing OnBase solution, and create a new IVR flow for callers with a scheduled interview. This resulted in a more efficient and streamlined process, without the need for any additional software purchases. 

Erie County, NY
Dept. of Social Services 

Solution Components: 

  • Electronic Interview Guide built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)  

  • Custom Agent Desktop Experience 

  • APIs and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) 

  • County’s Cisco Contact Center platform (UCCX)  

  • OnBase document management system  

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Dakota County, MN
Dept. of Employment & Economic Assistance

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Solution Components:  


  • Documentation of current state technology, business processes, and customer journeys 

  • Draft of future state vision  

  • Recommendation for IVR replacement options 

  • Draft of functional and technical requirements for RFP 

  • Assistance in solution selection 

  • Ongoing implementation and change management support 

Clarity Solutions Group engaged with Dakota County, MN to help identify a modern solution to replace their aging, unsupported IVR and envision a future contact center environment.   After completing this initial phase, and with assistance in obtaining a SNAP Process and Technology Improvement Grant (PTIG) from FNS, the scope of the engagement was expanded to develop a multi-year roadmap for modernization including IVR/Contact Center, Electronic Document Management (OnBase), Business Process Redesign, and Change Management.  


Cuyahoga County, OH
Dept. of Job and Family Services

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Solution Components:  


  • Migration to a new phone system, allowing call center quality management 

  • Formalized Remote Work Policy 

  • Training to supervisors and managers  

  • Dashboard of Key Performance Indicators 

  • Performance management plan for all levels of the agency 

  • Coaching program for all supervisors and frontline workers 

  • Regular employee satisfaction surveys 

After the quick implementation of a remote work plan at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cuyahoga County partnered with Clarity Solutions Group to formalize permanent remote work policies, practices, and procedures.


Clarity Solutions Group assisted the county in obtaining a SNAP Process and Technology Improvement Grant (PTIG) from FNS to fund the project. The team developed and managed a project plan and facilitated multiple workgroups to provide solutions to the challenges faced by the client. 


Franklin County, OH
Dept. of Health and Human Services 

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Solution Components:  


  • Alignment across four (4) separate county HHS agencies (Public Assistance, Child Support, Aging, and Justice Programs & Policy)  

  • Mapped current state structure, organizational capacity, and overlap between the included agencies 

  • Performed SWOT Analysis for each agency 

  • Envisioned and Designed Future State for integrated service delivery and shared back-office operations 

  • Coordinated Strategy and Management of community contracts and partnerships  

  • Determined Alignment and Utilization of funding streams 

  • Ongoing Implementation of Future State 

In an effort to achieve more equitable service delivery, Franklin County, OH partnered with Clarity Solutions Group on the development of a client service model driven by a “One Door” philosophy. This model is designed to reduce the challenges of navigating the local HHS system and to streamline services by modernizing processes and implementing a single case management system for Job and Family Services (JFS), Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA), Office on Aging (OOA), Office of Justice Policy and Programs (OJPP), and Family Stabilization Unit (FSU).   


Franklin County, OH
Family Stabilization Pilot 

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Solution Component:  

  • Developed critical partnerships between county and community agencies 

  • Adopted and integrated Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath) Bridge to Self Sufficiency framework 

  • Implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for case management tracking and data analytics 

Clarity Solutions Group assisted Franklin County, OH in the design, development, and implementation of a pilot program which provides holistic case management services to families of black youth in the juvenile justice system.  

This program continues to serve hundreds of Franklin County families per year and is utilizing “upstream” interventions which are helping break the cycle of repeat offenses and to support families as they navigate the system.  

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Mecklenburg County, NC
Dept. of Health and Human Services  

As a first step toward developing an integrated Health and Human Services contact center, Clarity Solutions Group provided services to Mecklenburg County in assessing current state technology, as well as providing recommendations for the future state and potential solutions.

Solution Components

  • Assessment of current technology for five contact centers 

  • Gap analysis between current state of technology and comparable solutions implemented in similar environments 

  • Report of potential solution listings and associated costs for County budgetary estimates 

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