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Client Work

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  • A handful of pioneer counties led the way toward modernization and integration

    • FranklinCounty(Columbus)–Initiated statewide legacy system enhancement to allow for case-banking

    • Collabor8 Counties–Implemented shared contact center and document imaging for eligibility and customer service processing

  • In coordination with a statewide Integrated Eligibility project, a Shared Services model evolved

  • Today, 88 local County Depts. of Job and Family Services have access to a state-of-the-art, enterprise contact center and case processing platform, supporting eligibility administration for:

    • 3 million Medicaid recipients

    • 1.5 million SNAP recipients

    • 100k TANF cash assistance recipients

Ohio County Shared Services

  • "No Wrong Door" through Multi-channel interactions

  • Virtualized Contact Centers across agency and geographical boundaries (77 counties participating voluntarily)

  • Audio Signature Capture for real-time eligibility processing

  • Integrated Voice Response (IVR) for customer self- service inquiry and basic input into eligibility system

  • Outbound Campaigns (via phone and/or text) for proactive notifications

  • Electronic Document Management (EDMS) Integration for improved communication regarding verifications and workflow status

  • Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI) or "Screen Popping” of customer information, eligibility records and electronic case files

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Standardized Statewide Dashboard

Utilizing a SNAP High Performance Bonus Award from the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Services (FNS), Erie County released an RFP for the software development and configuration to support the change from scheduled, outbound SNAP interview calls to an inbound, on- demand model.

  • Scope of the engagement included:

    • Development of electronic interview guide in Microsoft Dynamics, with output stored in OnBase case record

    • Configuration and scripting of IVR to support caller authentication, call routing, and ”screen popping,” based on SNAP interview status

    • Creation of Image Forms in OnBase with auto-fill and keyword integration

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Erie County, NY

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Standardized Statewide Dashboard

Developed the SNAP Recertification system by expanding and integrating existing Erie County software products and systems:

  • Leveraged existing County tools / licensing

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system

  • Custom Agent Desktop Experience

  • APIs and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

  • County’s Cisco Contact Center platform (UCCX) and OnBase document management system

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Integrated Technology Stack

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As a first step toward an integrated HHS Contact Center, provided:

  • Assessment of current contact center technology for five (5) existing contact centers.

  • Complete gap analysis between current state of technology/technical architecture and comparable solutions implemented in similar State/County environments

  • Potential solution listing and associated costs to be used for County budgetary estimates

Mecklenburg County, NC

Solution Categories - Assessment and Recommendations

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