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Returned Mail has long been a challenge for County and State human service agencies, resulting in loss of critical benefits for clients and increased administrative burden due to churn. Following up on returned mail easily falls low on the priority list and often there is not a viable means of finding new addresses for clients.


Now, with the end of Continuous Medicaid Enrollment, outdated addresses threaten healthcare coverage for millions, and the federal requirements for follow up on returned Medicaid Renewal packets will stretch a thin workforce even further.

Through our Automated Returned Mail Processing and Outreach offering you can:


  • Comply with federal CMS regulations

  • Save Valuable Caseworker Time

  • Ensure your Clients have every chance possible to maintain Medicaid and other program eligibility.

Contact us to learn how we can help you automate the following processes:


  • Recognition of Returned Medicaid Renewal Packets

  • Detection of Potential Forwarding Address

  • Integrated search of USPS and other data sources

  • Proactive outreach via email, call, or text

  • Re-mailing of the Renewal Packet

  • E-Signature Integration

  • Templated Journal Entries

  • And more!

Automated Returned Mail Processing & Outreach


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